The Trophy Cabinet

Tasmanian Amateur FL
1931-Saint Patrick’s Old Collegians’ FC
1932-Saint Patrick’s Old Collegians’ FC
1933-Associated Banks FC
1934-Churinga FC
1935-Saint Patrick’s Old Collegians’ FC
1936-Saint Patrick’s Old Collegians’ FC
1937-Churinga FC
1938-Churinga FC
1939-Churinga FC
1940-Churinga FC
1941-Dark Blue Rovers FC
1942-Competition Suspended Due To WWII
1943-Competition Suspended Due To WWII
1944-Competition Suspended Due To WWII
1945-Competition Suspended Due To WWII
1946-Mowbray FC
1947-Mowbray FC

Tasmanian Amateur FL Northern Division
1948-Saint Patrick’s Old Collegians’ FC
1949-Mowbray FC
1950-Mowbray FC
1951-Old Launcestonians FC
1952-Old Launcestonians FC
1953-Old Launcestonians FC
1954-Saint Patrick’s Old Collegians’ FC
1955-Saint Patrick’s Old Collegians’ FC
1956-Saint Patrick’s Old Collegians’ FC
1957-Old Scotch Collegians’ FC
1958-Old Launcestonians FC
1959-Old Launcestonians FC
1960-Old Launcestonians FC
1961-Brooks Old Boys FC
1962-Old Launcestonians FC
1963-Brooks Old Boys FC
1964-Old Launcestonians FC
1965-Mowbray FC
1966-Mowbray FC
1967-Mowbray FC
1968-Mowbray FC
1969-Mowbray FC
1970-Old Launcestonians FC
1971-Old Launcestonians FC
1972-Mowbray FC
1973-Mowbray FC
1974-Mowbray FC
1975-Old Scotch Collegians’ FC
1976-Old Scotch Collegians’ FC
1977-Quandeine FC
1978-Old Scotch Collegians’ FC
1979-Quandeine FC
1980-Old Scotch Collegians’ FC
1981-Rocherlea FC
1982-Old Launcestonians FC
1983-Old Scotch Collegians’ FC
1984-Saint Patrick’s Old Collegians’ FC
1985-Rocherlea FC
1986-Old Scotch Collegians’ FC
1987-Northern Districts FC
1988-Rocherlea FC
1989-Longford FC
1990-Hillwood Sharks FC
1991-Rocherlea FC

Division One
1992-Hillwood FC
1993-Tamar Cats FC
1994-University Mowbray FC
1995-University Mowbray FC

Division Two
1992-Mowbray FC
1993-Rocherlea FC
1994-No Competition
1995-No Competition

Northern Tasmanian FA
Division One
1996-Bridgenorth FC
1997-University Mowbray FC
1998-University Mowbray FC
1999-Hillwood FC
2000-Hillwood FC
2001-Scottsdale FC
2002-George Town FC
2003-George Town FC
2004-George Town FC
2005-George Town FC
2006-George Town FC
2007-George Town FC
2008-George Town FC
2009-George Town FC
2010-Bridgenorth FC
2011-Rocherlea FC
2012-Rocherlea FC
2013-Rocherlea FC
2014-South Launceston FC
2015-South Launceston FC
2016-Rocherlea FC
2017-South Launceston FC
2018-South Launceston FC
Premier Division                                                                                               2019 – Hillwood FC

Division Two
1996-Saint Patrick’s Old Collegians’ FC
1997-Old Launcestonians FC
1998-Campbell Town FC
1999-Saint Patrick’s Old Collegians
2000-Campbell Town FC
2001-Campbell Town FC
2002-Saint Patrick’s Old Collegians
2003-Tamar Cats FC
2004-Saint Patrick’s Old Collegians
2005-University Mowbray FC
2006-University Mowbray FC
2007-Fingal Valley FC
2008-Fingal Valley FC
2009-Old Scotch Collegians
2010-Old Scotch Collegians
2011-University Mowbray FC
2012-Lilydale FC
2013-Old Scotch Collegians
2014-Old Scotch Collegians
2015-Old Scotch Collegians
2016-Old Scotch Collegians
2017-Lilydale FC
2018-East Coast Swans
Division One                                                                                                     2019 – Lilydale FC

NTFA Women                                                                                                    2019 – South Launceston FC

Best & Fairest U16 / U18 / U19 – 1993 onwards

1993 – U/19 – S. Fox (George Town) 1994 – U/19 – S. Prekerall (Rocherlea) 1995 – U/19 – R. McKenzie (Bridgenorth) 1996 – U/19 – J. Shaw (Rocherlea) 1997 – U/19 – B.Dodd (Longford) 1998 – U/19 – D. Grant (Perth) / U/16 – D. Cooper (Bracknell) 1999 – U/18- J. King (George Town) …

Best & Fairest Winners 1931 – 1991

1931 – No record Max Allen Cup 1932 – M.James (Assoc. Banks) / J.Wainwright (Assoc. Banks) 1933 – M.James (Assoc. Banks) 1934 – R.Horton (OLFC) / N.Forsyth (Churinga) 1935 – R.Clements (Old Scotch) 1936 – R.Watts (Churinga) 1937 – M.McIntee (Old Patricians) 1938 – T.Atherton (Churinga) 1939 – E.Brooks (OLFC) 1940 – R.Wise (Dark Blue …

“HEC Smith Medal” Best & Fairest

1966 – B. Lawrence (Longford) 1967 – P F Webb (East Launceston) 1968 – A. Dunn (Launceston) 1969 – J. Burns (East Launceston) 1970 – J. Davis (Longford) 1971 – S. Palmer (City South) 1972 – M. Hadley (Scottsdale) 1973 – D. Peardon (City South) 1974 – D. Berne (Longford) 1975 – I. Marsh (North …

“W.C. Curran Medal” Best & Fairest

DIVISION TWO 1992 – G. Breward (Old Scotch) 1993 – J. Hawes (Northern Districts) 1994 – No competition 1995 – No competition 1996 – J. Cooley (Old Scotch) 1997 – J. Proverbs (OLFC) 1998 – S. Lovegrove (Campbell Town) 1999 – J. Viney (St Marys) 2000 – M. Williams (Perth) 2001 – J. Mathews (St …